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Doubling New Patient Numbers as a Dentist

Doubling New Patient Numbers

Dentists know how important it is to have a steady stream of new patients coming in. Without them, your practice will eventually dwindle and die. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you a case study of how one dentist ended up doubling new patient numbers through online marketing. By implementing an online marketing campaign, he was able to reach more people and bring in more business. If you’re looking for ways to bring in more new patients, then this blog post is for you!

About the client

Bent Creek Dental was opened by Dr. Joshua Mathis December 3, 2018. It is located at:

Bent Creek Dental

2311 Bent Creek Rd Ste 500

Auburn, AL 36830


The problem

Within a few months of opening the doors to his practice, Dr. Mathis knew that he needed to work on his marketing. He wanted to grow the dental practice quickly and make it a success.

However, he knew he needed help. He was going to aggressively pursue online methods to achieve his goal. Dr. Mathis’s primary focus was on getting new patients in the door to help grow his business.

The solution

AdPro4U started working with Dr. Mathis in January 2019, a few months in. We started with Google Ads to get patients in the doors right away. That strategy worked incredibly well and he is enjoying a $56/New Patient average with Google Ads.

In late 2019, Dr. Mathis added AdPro4U’s SEO services as well. The improvement he got in ranking on Google helped to drive more traffic to his website as well.

The results – Doubling new patient numbers has positively impacted the dental practice

The combined efforts of Google Ads and SEO for his dental practice effectively ended up doubling new patient numbers for Bent Creek Dental. Dr. Mathis enjoys the following benefits from these efforts:

  • Relief from marketing burden, more free time
  • Increased revenue
  • Ability to hire additional staff
  • Capital and confidence to open a second office

Here’s what Dr. Mathis had to say about working with AdPro4U:

“Marshall (AdPro4U founder) has been a huge asset to the growth of my dental practice. Through his help with both AdWords (now Google Ads) and organic SEO we have gone from 60 new patients a month to over 120 new patients a month. As a practice owner, it is easy to try and juggle too many facets of the business. Marshall has helped relieve me of the marketing burden and help make my practice a success!”

If you are looking for help with your online marketing, AdPro4U wants to work with you. Contact us today!


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