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Sitelink extensions in Google Ads: A guide for dentists

Sitelink extensions in Google Ads: A guide for dentists

Are you looking to build an effective online search presence and be seen first by potential patients in Google Ads? With sitelink extensions (now known as assets) in Google Ads, you can stand out from the competition when competing for high-value—and increasingly competitive—search terms. Through this guide, we’ll give you an overview of:

  • What sitelinks are.
  • Why they’re important for dentists looking to boost their visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Which strategies have proven successful with other practices.

Let’s dive in and see how your practice can benefit from enhanced ads enabled through sitelink extensions!

What is a sitelink extension (asset) in Google Ads?

Sitelink extensions in Google Ads are a powerful tool for dental marketers. These sitelinks allow dental office to direct the user to any page on their website, creating better engagement. This means that users are not only shown ads, but are also presented with more options that may be relevant to them.

Sitelink extensions provide an efficient way to promote specific content on your website and can help you increase clicks as well as conversions. They are also great for enhancing visibility and increasing click-through rate. Companies can take advantage of sitelink extensions to guide leads down a sales funnel or to engage in lead generation more efficiently.

Why should dentists utilize sitelink extensions in Google Ads?

Utilizing sitelink extensions in Google Ads is highly beneficial for dentists. By using sitelinks, you are able to connect your ad to specific pages within your website with relevant information that customers want to see. You don’t need to cram all the necessary information into one small space and can direct potential customers to the page they are looking for instead.

Furthermore, sitelink extensions take up more space and increase visibility, leading to a higher click-through rate, more engagements, and conversions from potential customers. The sitelink extension in Google Ads provides dentists with a great opportunity to communicate effectively with their clients and increase their reach.

Strategies for utilizing sitelink extensions in Google Ads

Utilizing sitelink extensions in Google Ads can give dentists a valuable opportunity to showcase their services and attract more patients. When setting up sitelinks, it is important to create targeted links that contain the most pertinent information for potential customers. For example, a sitelink might highlight different types of services offered by a dentist like:

  • teeth whitening
  • root canal surgeries
  • locations where they are available
  • special offers and promotions

To ensure that sitelinks are effective and drive the highest results, use clear and concise language in each sitelink headline. This will help potential customers understand the message quickly.

Additionally, make sure to adjust sitelinks regularly to keep content current and relevant. With sitelinks enabled in Google Ads for dentists, companies can increase their visibility and ultimately bring more attention and business to their practice.

You must have at least two sitelink extensions in order for them to be shown by Google. However, they can show as much as four. It is recommended that you create as many as four, or more. Google’s algorithms will determine which ones will show, as well as how many. So, while they are beneficial, they will not always be shown.


Sitelink extensions in Google Ads are a powerful tool for dental practices looking to increase their visibility and reach more potential patients. By utilizing sitelinks, dentists can direct users to specific pages on their website that contain pertinent information and ultimately drive higher click-through rates and conversions.

Additionally, it is important for dentists to set up targeted sitelinks and adjust them regularly to ensure that content is current and relevant. With the right approach, sitelink extensions can be an effective way for dentists to boost their visibility on SERPs and increase engagement with potential customers.

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