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Why dentists don’t use Google Ads

Why dentists don't use Google Ads

Google Ads is a great way to reach potential patients online, but many dentists choose not to use it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why dentists may choose not to use Google Ads and offer some reasons that can actually be very effective. Stay tuned for more information!

Top reasons dentists aren’t using Google Ads

Google Ads can be daunting. While dentists are smart people who have finished more schooling than most, it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to run successful Google Ads campaigns.

So, here’s a list of reasons why dentists are not using Google Ads to get more patients and grow their practices:

  • Not sure how to set up successful Google Ads campaigns: Or they may not have the time or feel like they have the resources to do so.
  • Tried it once in the past and failed: Some dentists have tried it by setting up their own campaigns and didn’t have success. So they threw in the towel, and declared it a failure.
  • Unwilling to invest in new marketing methods: Many dentists have been working solely based on internal marketing. In some cases they may have even tried mailers, but don’t have the energy for more advanced marketing.
  • Their online presence is weak: If your practice website isn’t mobile-friendly and lacking in good online reviews, it may be a turnoff to patients who are looking for information online.
  • “I don’t click on ads”: Many dentists will comment that they don’t click on ads, so therefore, their patients wouldn’t either.
  • Google Ads is too expensive: For some dentists, Google Ads is simply too expensive, and they don’t want to pay money every time someone clicks on one of their ads.

Google Ads works for dentists

In spite of all of the objections, there are many dentists who have been successful with Google Ads. AdPro4U has been able to help many dentists get awesome results. Here are some of the factors that have made the difference for our clients:

  • Willingness to try new marketing methods:¬† By working with a qualified agency like AdPro4U, you can take advantage of the latest best practices and get proven results for your practice.
  • Increased marketing budget: We know that every dollar that comes into the practice can be precious, especially when you are starting out. However, the most successful clients we work with are willing to spend more money than their competitors – and that is why they win.
  • Patients are finding their practice when they need a dentist: The great things about Google Ads is that when people have a need, they can find you right away. That is because you can literally be the second or first search result on Google when someone is looking for a dental service in your area.
  • Hiring the right agency to manage your ads: AdPro4U has the expertise and experience to create successful campaigns, whether you are a general dentist or offering specialty services. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we can give your ads the best chance of success.


There’s no reward without some risk involved. It would be great if we could get amazing results without any risk, but that is not how the world works. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to be able to risk something.

If you are happy with where you are, don’t change a thing. However, if you are looking for more patients, you need to do something different. If you’re interested in getting started with Google Ads, contact AdPro4U today!

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