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Will Your Website Visitors See You Again?

online marketing for dentists

Tell me if this story sounds familiar.

Dentist buys/starts a practice. He spends thousands of dollars on a beautiful website – and nothing happens.

I know some of you have experienced that because I speak to dentists every week who tell me similar stories about spending thousands on a beautiful website and get almost no return from the investment.

There is so much that goes into effective online marketing for a dental practice and a website is just one of many pieces of the puzzle.

First off, an aesthetically pleasing site isn’t even the most important thing for a website. Many simpler and dare I say – uglier – websites are more effective at getting the phone to ring, and THAT is the main function of a website.

It’s almost as if many dentists have a Ferrari looking website that tops out at 20 mph and lacks power steering.

The performance of the website should match the appearance. That includes faster page loading speeds and making it easier for patients to know what to do when they get on your website (call and schedule an appointment)!

If a website is created and nobody visits it, does it really exists?

Of course it does, but as far as potential patients in your area are concerned, it might as well not exist.

Having a quality website is just one part of the puzzle.

That is why AdPro4U is here for you.

As a former marketing director in a busy orthodontic office, I know how to get the phone to ring for my clients using proven methods I’ve learned and perfected through years of marketing experience.

AdPro4U can help you get the most out of your website by sending high quality traffic to it. The combination of a well designed (not just pretty, but functionally superior) website and high quality traffic is the secret to getting more patients from online methods.

If you are a providing high quality dental care but struggling to get enough patients, consider this quote from a client of mine.

Marshall has been handling our google ads and google business page for the last 4 months. In that time we have been able to triple our new patient flow from a 5-year monthly average of 13 to 34 new patients. If I were managing the google ads myself, I think the new patient volume would be significantly lower and the cost per new patient would be much higher. His expertise has definitely helped us maximize the return from our marketing budget. Marshall has great customer service and is always very quick to answer questions and concerns. I've been very pleased with his services and would highly recommend him.
Dr. Holly Majestic Dentistry 85086 Anthem Arizona Dentist
Dr. Jacob Holly, Majestic Dentistry

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